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"Life Coaching... it helps our awareness expand, making what once was perceived as obstacles clearly seen as opportunities."


Life Coaching

It's time to start applying a wellness approach towards your environment, community, career, belief systems, physical activities, self care, healthy eating, self esteem, and creative activities. And doing so with the help of a life coach gives you the support you need to overcome road blocks, achieve your goals, and live with passion and purpose. Intent on Thriving's founder, Jamie Schaible, has an extensive background in business development and is a professionally trained Life & Health Coach. "I have the tools and life experience to help you to obtain a new perspective, find a renewed sense of self, reach your health goals, grow your business and/or have better work/life balance."  

Business Coaching

Having a Business Coach can help you achieve greater focus and balance through a realistic, “big picture” approach to professional and personal growth. Just as athletes need the leadership of an experienced coach to reach their full potential on and off the field, we need objective guidance to elevate our performance, overcome personal obstacles and limiting beliefs, and strengthen our relationships and help us reach our goals. "Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Athletes know coaching is the most potent tool for inducing positive change, ensuring better-than-average odds of success and making the change stick for the long term." - The Ivy Business Journal

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

If you were to believe the headlines on the average, body-shaming women’s (& men’s) magazine, you might think that working out and veggies are only good for two things: weight loss & getting someone to love you. But, just like you are a multi-faceted, intelligent human being, a nutrition and fitness plan should be about a lot more than just looking hot & being skinny. Regular exercise and the right foods can improve your skin, the organs that keep you alive, your mood and even your career. So I propose that that we create Stronger & Healthier Body... A Sharper & More Peaceful Mind… More Energy & Sounder Sleep… while shedding a few unwanted pounds! Together lets get you the HEALTHY BODY of your choice! There is NO EXCUSE to not live your best life!

Channeling & Human Design

There are two unique and potent ways to help get over a bump, through a transition, find closure or direction when you find yourself in a pinch. One is with encouragement, support, and love from your Spirit Guides! Channeled messages through card reading is an amazing way to gain clarity or help you come to terms with something that has happened. Then there is learning how to operate in alignment with your HUMAN DESIGN. Human Design offers a map of your unique genetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. When you come to Human Design as an adult, it has the potential to awaken your innate wisdom and power. 

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"Part therapist, part consultant, part motivational expert, part professional organizer, part friend, part nag - a life coach seeks to do for your life what a personal trainer does for your body." - Kim Palmera

"Life coaching like business coaching deals with the "how": how you can move on from where you are and make change. It's action oriented, and concerned with the present &


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